Mats Pettersson joined GeesinkNorba Nordic in April 2019 with responsibility for selling the company’s range of Rossi, N, MF and G series waste collection vehicles across the southern part of Sweden. He joined the business to take over from Berth Kangefjard who has worked for the company since 1974 and will be retiring the end of this year. Berth started his career in Norba in the accounting department and after some years, he helped out during a colleague’s absence. By which time he had stumbled into sales and something that he’s been working on since then. His experience is wide and after working as a key-account contact for sales agents across the world, Berth moved to sales in Norway. Over the last year, Berth has managed sales across the south part of Sweden. Talking to Berth you can hear and see how much he loves his work. The contact with customers and colleagues has been the part that has made him stay. Even when competitors and other companies have approached him to work for them, he has with joy in his heart stayed with the Norba products and the team behind it. Passing the time when retirement gets closer, he will now wind down and have a hand over of the market and customers to Mats. Berth’s last day at Norba will be the 31stof December 2019 and after this, he will enjoy retirement with his wife and large family, and as Berth said, the Norba family is part of his family, so we might see him here over a coffee from time to time.

Back to Mats, who now takes over from Berth, he’s career before GeesinkNorba Nordic, was in the commercial vehicle sector, working for Mercedes Benz in developing the compressed natural gas (CNG) Econic waste collection vehicle chassis for the Scandinavian market. Before this, Mats had worked in other engineering fields as well as selling cars.

Mats explained to me that he had enjoyed working for the group over the last four months. He said that everything was well managed and his colleagues were very friendly and helpful. Since taking over the responsibility for the south Sweden market he had negotiated a number of sales and was on budget for 2019. He explained that good business relationships were in place with both existing and new customers, which helps with Norba’s sustainability in the south Sweden market.

The future of waste collection vehicles in the south Sweden market is likely to be twin and three-stream collection vehicles. This will help Sweden meet its kerbside sort recycling collection targets set by the 2018 Circular Economy Package. The use of electric hybrid type waste collection vehicles will be more common from 2024-2025 when the truck chassis suppliers will be offering comparable priced electric-powered chassis to their conventional diesel-powered units.

The market potential for GeesinkNorba in this area is very high. It will be advantaged by its ability to build bespoke units for this market as well as providing a first-class, after-sales parts and service network to support the products. All this helps to reaffirm customers’ commitments to the brand and keeps good customer relations.

Rikard Karlsson started with GeesinkNorba Nordic in December 2018 with responsibility for selling the group’s third-party products. These are the products from the Kiggen portable and static compactor range, the Gergen skip and hook loader range and the Boschung street sweeper range.

His first nine months had been learning about the products, explained Rikard. It had also been to ensure the products comply with a Swedish interface. This has been particularly important with the Gergen hook loader range because Sweden’s container standards differ than those of the German DIN container standard. Rikard said his first nine months have also been spent learning about the business e.g. the customers and the other competitor type products available in this market.

Although Rikard’s responsibility is selling these third party products to the Swedish and Norwegian markets, the 2020 business plan will include entering the Danish market to sell the Kiggen compactor range. Currently, the Gergen hook loader product is still being developed for the Swedish and Norwegian markets. It is hoped that, during 2020, many orders will come to fruition for the Gergen skip and hook loader products from both countries.

The Swedish and Norwegian markets were hard to break into Rikard commented. Part of the 2020 business plan will include marketing the group’s national dealer network which will instill customer confidence in buying third party products from GeesinkNorba Nordic.

One venture is to work with chassis suppliers to offer total ‘one-stop-shop’ packages for the Gergen skip and hook loader range mounted onto truck chassis, as well as selling equipment direct to end-users. This plan will help the branch break into new markets and hopefully help to sell and promote its third party products.

In conclusion, both Mats and Rikard have the experience of Håkan Ekelund who has worked in sales at Norba for over 15 years. Håkan is responsible for the North of Sweden and brings continuity to the growing Swedish sales team.

GeesinkNorba Nordic has a bright future ahead of it selling its waste collection vehicle product range in the south Sweden market as well as selling and marketing its third-party product ranges across the Swedish and Norwegian markets. The year 2020 will be a great year for the branch in selling these product ranges across both countries.

For more information, contact Timothy Byrne B.Sc., (Wastes Management), MCIWM, ISWA IWM, at 0044 1384 211001 or 0044 7545 616110 or via e-mail at