GFL locked down waste hauling contracts for years to come in several west Oakland County communities despite some service issues this year. South Lyon, the Village of Milford and Milford Township officials all agreed to contract extensions with GFL with varying price and service increases in each of the municipalities. “I don’t want four to five months of trying times for our service provider to overshadow four years of good service,” South Lyon City Councilman Steve Kennedy said. “There have been challenges, but they’ve addressed them in a 24-hour period.”

GFL initially proposed a 4.5% cost increase for South Lyon but agreed to reduce it to 4% with rates increasing to $155.62 annually for single-family homes and $136.28 the annual rate for multi-family homes, effective July 1. The contract, which was due to expire next year, locks in GFL for the next five years. It keeps the current language regarding the consumer price index, which will allow for up to 2% cost increases each year.

GFL also agreed to extend yard waste collection into mid-December and continue the recycling cart distribution at no charge, with 1,500 of the carts available for those who haven’t yet received one. The Village of Milford and Milford Township each approved extending their contracts with GFL by 7 years.

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Author: Susan Bromley, Hometown Life
Susan Bromley, Hometown Life