In 2018, SC Johnson kicked off a partnership with Plastic Bank, one of the leading organizations working to reduce ocean plastic, and opened nine recycling centers in Indonesia with the goal to stop plastic before it ever gets into the ocean.

Beyond doing good for the planet, this partnership plays an important role in helping families in impoverished areas. Doing what’s right for people and the planet is important to us at SC Johnson, and in 2019, SC Johnson is expanding the Plastic Bank partnership with a ground-breaking, three-year deal to create a total of 509 plastic collection points across the globe.

The three-year effort will create recycling infrastructure on a massive scale spanning five countries including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam – four of the five countries that contribute most to ocean plastic – and Brazil.

The 509 plastic collection points are expected to collect 30,000 metric tons of Social Plastic® over three years. The equivalent of stopping approximately 1.5 billion plastic bottles from entering waterways and the ocean.

The collection points also provide opportunities for residents to gather plastic waste in exchange for digital tokens. The collected plastic is then recycled and sold into the market as Social Plastic® which we’re purchasing back at a premium and in 2020, will be incorporating it into SC Johnson’s iconic Windex® brand in both the U.S. and Canada.

Developed by Plastic Bank, Social Plastic® refers to the ecosystem that creates recycling infrastructure in the world’s poorest regions and invites residents to earn a stable income by joining recycling efforts.

Plastic collectors can substantially boost their incomes, according to Plastic Bank, as they receive the top market rate, plus premium, for the plastic they collect. Collectors are paid in digital tokens using blockchain technology and can use those tokens to buy goods and services. Collectors are on track to earn $300,000, or 4.2 billion Indonesian Rupiah, annually in Indonesia alone.

SC Johnson’s new partnership with Plastic Bank is just one of the many ways they are fulfilling their commitment to helping tackle the plastic pollution problem. SC Johsnon has steadily increased the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in their products and have reduced excess plastic wherever possible.

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