The City of Ottawa, Ontario, has selected HDR to research and develop a 30-year solid waste master plan. The plan will establish a framework to guide decision making and strategic direction for material management from a million single- and multi-family residential customers, parks and public spaces, city facilities, and partner programs.

HDR will partner with the city to study its current waste collection and processing methods, address the limited life spans of existing facilities, and develop strategies to continually increase diversion rates. The plan will tackle evolving waste policies on single-use items, integration of alternative technologies, measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and circular economy programs like green procurement. Funding mechanisms and legislative tools will also be examined.

“It’s exciting to develop this long-term plan for Ottawa,” says Christine Roarke, HDR’s project manager. “It’s a real opportunity to take a fresh look, and work together to create a comprehensive planning document to guide their municipal solid waste system and infrastructure for the next 30 years.”

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