Heritage Interactive Services, a leading waste and recycling partner in North America, announced that it is changing its name to Envita Solutions. Derived from the English word “environment” and the Latin word “vita,” the new brand reflects the company’s vision of fostering a healthier planet by transforming complex waste challenges into sustainable solutions. 

“Driven by our long history of innovation in waste and recycling programs, we’re pleased to launch the Envita brand to support the evolution of our company and the solutions we provide to customers,” said Peter Lux, President, Envita Solutions. “Our team is aligned around a clear strategy that enables us to evolve quickly in a growth environment. There’s vast potential in front of us – and we’re investing deeply in talent and doubling down on technology to provide innovative and efficient waste solutions that support our customers’ sustainability initiatives.” 

Protecting human health and the environment to build a safer, more sustainable world is Envita Solutions’ core purpose. The company has had a significant impact on fostering a healthier planet. In 2022, Envita Solutions diverted one million tons of waste from landfills. Of this, over 700,000 tons were recycled either through material recovery, energy recovery, composting, or creative reuse. Since 2011, Envita has helped more than 250 of its customers’ facilities achieve zero-waste-to-landfill status. Envita Solutions is well-credentialed as a transformative sustainability partner. 

Envita Solutions has 300 employees serving a growing base of more than 100 customers, in partnership with over 3,000 supplier partners across North America. 

As a division of The Heritage Group, Envita Solutions has unique access to a leading research and development team as well as a new ventures portfolio that will position the company to develop new solutions to address tough waste and climate issues. 

For more information, visit www.envitainc.com.