Santa Clarita announces a new campaign that teaches residents and businesses that anyone can do recycling right. The Recycle Heroes are assembling to protect their community. Join them in their efforts to combat myths and encourage the right ways to recycle. Whether you are a student, parent or professional — anyone can be a Recycle Hero!

Different types of waste including cardboard, paper, tin and aluminum cans, glass and numerous types of plastic containers are just a few of the basic items that can be recycled. The items are taken to the Materials Recovery Facility — or MRF, where a combination of machines and diligent workers sort through each item, which are then baled and repurposed by packaging manufacturers and paper mills. Unrecyclable items, including plastic bags, garden hoses and toys, are often mistakenly placed in recycling bins. When these types of items make their way into the recycling bin, additional labor and costs are required to place these items back on trucks for proper disposal. Residents and businesses can avoid confusion by researching which items belong in the recycle bin. Lists of recyclable items can often be found in your waste hauler’s newsletters and also on

We are fortunate to live in a City where protecting the environment is the norm. We have done a great job with recycling construction and demolition debris. More than 106,000 tons produced in Santa Clarita have been recycled to date. Our residents come out by the thousands every fall to help clean up the Santa Clara River at our annual River Rally event. Now is the time to make the commitment to recycle right and make the most of reusable materials.

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Author: Ken Striplin, The Signal
Photo: The Signal