Last week, $13 million was offered to the village and $65 million was offered to the town if residents vote to approve a proposition on the Nov. 3 ballot to allow the expansion of the Hyland Landfill. A referendum is required per the original 1995 agreement between the town and village and Hyland, Larry Shilling told those gathered in the Grange Hall for an informational public meeting. Shilling is the Vice President of Landfill Marketing and Business Development for Casella, which manages the Angelica facility.

He said they want to expand the current 76 acres of landfill by an additional 107 acres. The company owns 1,000 acres south of the village off Herdman Road. The expansion project also includes the construction of a third lane of highway along Peacock Hill to the facility from the Angelica Exit on I-86. Shilling said that while the village will build the road, Hyland will pay for it. He also assured residents that, “The landfill will be no closer to the village than it already is. The expansion goes east and south.”

He offered enlarged photographs of eight sites within the village from which the 120-foot high top of the new landfill will be visible. Those photos will be displayed at a yet to be determined site in the village. The expansion will allow Hyland to increase its waste intake from 465,000 tons yearly to a million tons yearly. The total $78 million payoff will be made over a period of 25 years, the life of the landfill. The payments divide out to $520,000 per year for the village and $2.6 million a year for the town.

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Author: Kathryn Ross, The Spectator, The Evening Tribune
Kathryn Ross, The Spectator, The Evening Tribune