Out-of-state trash tonnage at Bethlehem Landfill is down about 10% from the previous quarter, dump officials said at the quarterly Landfill Committee meeting in Lower Saucon. Monthly reports show 15,800 to 16,500 tons during each of the last three months of 2023. That’s compared with reports of 22,100 to 24,700 tons brought in from areas outside the Keystone State in each month of July, August and September last year.

A landfill manager said that’s because Waste Connections — the Bethlehem dump’s parent company based out of The Woodlands, Texas — acquired Arrowhead Environmental Partners of Perry County, Alabama, last year for what was reported as a $100 million revenue deal.

The organization features the “largest integrated waste-to-rail disposal network in the Northeast U.S.,” according to a 2023 Q2 report from Waste Connections. “So we purchased Arrowhead Disposal, which has a rail yard in Jersey, but they rail it to Alabama,” Bethlehem Landfill District Manager Astor Lawson said. “Basically, the New York City waste from my company is going to start going to Alabama.”

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Author: Will Oliver, LehighValleyNews.com
Photo by Brett Sayles: https://www.pexels.com/photo/railways-981295/