The U.S. Plastics Pact (U.S. Pact) has launched the Reuse Catalyst, a program designed to support and develop innovators that have scalable reuse and refill solutions for the United States. The program is launching with 20 inaugural participants that were chosen based on the environmental, social, and economic impact of their solutions as well as their potential for scalability. The Reuse Catalyst was jointly created by the U.S. Pact, Closed Loop Partners (CLP), the Reusable Packaging Association, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Reusable packaging reduces the demand for non-renewable virgin plastic packaging, and offers a strong economic growth opportunity: if 20% of global plastic packaging is converted to reusable packaging, $10 billion would be added into the economy. Reusable packaging must be increased to develop a circular plastics economy, and the Reuse Catalyst is meant to create momentum for reusable packaging throughout the country.

The Reuse Catalyst program is designed to support individual reuse and refill businesses as well as the refill/reuse industry overall. Reuse Catalyst Partners (Partners) will receive tailored business mentoring through the U.S. Pact network, quarterly training on common challenges for reuse businesses, and best-practice sharing support from peer organizations. In return, Partners will participate in data collection efforts coordinated by CLP and WWF to gain insight into customer and consumer needs and further scale the reuse/refill industry. These surveys will help the U.S. Pact understand reuse/refill trends, progress, and challenges within the reuse space and plan data-driven actions for its Activators.

The different types of reuse/refill solutions within the inaugural cohort include:

  • Refill stations and packaging for consumer products and drinks, including artificial intelligence software use;
  • Reusable food, drink packaging for takeout and groceries; and
  • Reusable shipping containers for beauty products, garments, and other consumer products.

Inaugural Reuse Catalyst Partners:

  • 99Bridges, Inc
  • Adrich
  • Bound
  • Conscious Container
  • DeliverZero, Inc
  • Drinkfill Beverages LTD
  • Iterant, Inc
  • Izzy Beauty Inc
  • Muuse Inc
  • Nude Foods Market
  • Pact Retail Accessories
  • Re:Dish Co.
  • Reath Technology LTD
  • Recirclable LLC
  • RePack North America, Inc
  • Turn Systems Corporation
  • Vuori
  • Walking Lightly

U.S. Pact will open the application process for the Reuse Catalyst program again in late 2023 or early 2024.

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