January 2021
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January 2021

4G Recycling, Inc.: Building on a Family Legacy
As a national recycling leader, 4G Recycling has endured the challenges from the changing commodities market to COVID-19, while building on the important symbiotic relationships with the clients and markets that they serve.

Composting: Best Practices in Managing Compost Facility Design and Operations are the Keys to Success
The key to a successful composting operation is matching and maintaining the level of operational and structural BMPs to the specific facility conditions. This requires well-trained operators who understand the basics of compost process biology and are given the tools they need to efficiently monitor and manage the process.
Tim O’Neill

Fleet Management: Regular Maintenance Helps to Protect Your Investment in Refuse Vehicles and Keeps Trucks Running Smoothly for a Longer Period of Time
Daily inspections, keeping up with regular service intervals and ensuring that any issues are quickly addressed, will go a long way in keeping your trucks up and running while protecting your investment.
Josh Seiferth

Facilities Planning and Design
Transforming an Existing Property into Your New Facility
Every building is different, and every operation is different. Make sure that the design and construction team that you build takes the time to completely learn and understand your operations before they go and evaluate a proposed new site.
Jeff Eriks

Waste Management: Properly Disposing of Personal Protective Equipment
With the dramatic increase in use of personal protective equipment, new challenges in handling, storage and disposal have arisen.
Ken Beckstead

Fleet Management: Hone Equipment Lifecycle Cost Management Programs to Improve the Bottom Line
Data analytics serve as the catalyst for change in analyzing cost factors to help shift truck acquisition strategies for more optimal and efficient equipment lifecycles.
Katerina Jones

Waste Transportation: Why Inspecting Rail Equipment is Not Just for Railroads: “Boots on the Ground”
Railroads are ever-pushing the envelope on asset use. It is partially up to you as a railcar lessee, rail shipper and railcar user to fill in the gap to ensure your shipments get transported in a safe and mechanically sound railcar.
Darell Luther

Fuel Management
Bundled Fuel Management: The Revolutionary Way for Fleet Managers to Purchase an Automated Fuel Management System
Making the best fuel management solutions affordable to even the smallest fleets provides the same fuel access security, money and time-saving features that large fleets enjoy, ensuring the smallest, most vulnerable fleets are as secure and efficient as the largest.
Jill Orr

Maintenance: How Being a Part of a Refurbished Program Can Save You Time, Money and Maintenance Costs
Refurbishment programs offer a quick and easy solution to an automated side loader that is no longer able to perform adequately in the field.
Jeff Jewett

Trucks: Predictive and Preventative Maintenance to Keep Your Fleet on the Road
Implementing proper maintenance and leveraging the tools, data and resources available are the easiest ways to ensure that you are doing everything you can to keep your fleet up and running as much as possible.
Robert Mecchi

Buildings and Shelters: Increasing Jobsite Efficiency with Structural Solutions Tailored to Waste and Recycling Facilities
A fabric structure with a clear span design, corrosion-resistant frame, natural light and ventilation, and customization options can help to maximize operation efficiency at every level of the waste management facility.
Janine Coppola and Geoffrey Ching

Material Handler Case Study: A Purpose-Built Solution for Increasing Yard Capacity at Action Metals
As more recycling material was getting processed and revenues were on the rise, Action Metals turned to SENNEBOGEN materials handlers to help the company be even more efficient in moving material in order to grow the business.
Robert Adeland

From the Experts: Moving Forward
There is no doubt that our industry will continue to be resilient and always find the bright spots in periods of gloom. One thing about our industry is that no matter what colors you wear, we are all in this together. When we work together to share ideas to make our workplace safer, it is a win for everyone.

John Paglia III

Safety Brief: The ABCs of Baler and Compactor Safety
Balers and compactors have electric motors, infeed conveyors, high-pressure hydraulics and pistons, which can present potential hazards for people who are operating or working near these types of machines.
Will Flower

Custom-Engineering for Preventive Maintenance
Custom-engineered trucks, ordered to spec and made with parts that were pre-engineered to go together are the best way to ensure structural integrity and avoid unwanted maintenance issues down the road.

Tim Thornton

HHW Corner: Managing Small Consumer Batteries – Part 1
Delving into the consumer battery recycling history, progress, selected challenges and some solutions.
David Nightingale