Four garbage truck drivers in Waste Pro’s Jonesboro, AR Division have each won the company’s coveted $10,000 Safety Award. Scott Greenwood, Steve Wheeler, Randy Brandon, and Donnie Galbreath have been part of the Jonesboro Division since local family-owned company Downum’s Waste Services joined Waste Pro in 2016.

The four drivers were recognized for their safety achievements in December during an award ceremony where they were each provided with a big check.In an industry that has constantly been ranked as one of the most dangerous in which to work, safe driving habits are crucial. Therefore, Waste Pro established the $10,000 Safety Award program in 2004 to encourage safe driving. Since then, Waste Pro has awarded more than $4.6 million to drivers across the southeast United States.

To be eligible for the award, drivers must maintain a spotless work record for three years, including excellent customer service, no accidents, injuries, or property damage, a positive attitude and attendance record, and a well-kept truck. Waste Pro is the only private company in the United States that offers a $10,000 safety award to drivers.

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