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In the Spotlight: CompuCycle: Strength in Longevity
As the first R2 certified electronics recycling company in the U.S. and the first women-owned recycling business in Houston, CompuCycle has led the way in data destruction, e-recycling and refurbishing for more than 20 years.

Facilities Planning and Design: Upgrading your MRF: What to Consider Before Starting the Process
Many factors should be considered when determining if your MRF requires an upgrade. ‘What are our needs?’ should be the first question in this process.

Safety: Heat and Hydration
Helping your team stay safe and productive through the summer months.

Personnel: Contingent Staffing: The Shock Absorber for Your Workforce Ups and Downs
Four things to know when selecting a staffing agency.

Buildings and Shelters: Exploring the Versatility of Fabric Structures for Waste Management
With versatile and adaptable building solutions, such as fabric structures, businesses will prosper well into the future without the limitations a traditional building would impose.

Industry Trends: Food Waste Update: The Industry’s Progress in 2019
This year has begun with progressive and impactful strides toward food waste reduction, continuing the momentum from the past and setting the precedent for the future. However, there is still a long way to go to reduce food waste completely.

Leasing/Financing: Understanding Early Payoff Terms Before Signing on the Dotted Line
Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you understand the many factors that impact the cost of financing your equipment … beyond the rate. One of the biggest components to grasp is the early payoff structure.

Management: Sales and Marketing Best Practices: Capturing Online Buyers
In today’s market, buyers expect haulers to step up their online sales game. The big national companies have “buy now” functionality on their websites. Haulers of every size should as well.

Marketing Case Study: Reducing Operational Costs and Promoting Economic Development
“Rolling billboards” are a Florida fleet’s innovative solution.

Trucks: Choose Your Truck Cab Carefully and Make More Money
Do not settle for a cookie-cutter truck. Choose your refuse truck carefully with special attention to the cab and you will experience greater profit, better customer service and lower driver turnover.

Software Case Study: Streamlining Operations
By implementing the Starlight solution, U-LOAD-IT Dumpsters Inc. has not only improved overall morale between all the customers and drivers, it has also empowered the company to double their operations.