The Town of Lancaster’s new waste and recycling program, which will take effect Feb. 1, was approved by the Town Board at Monday night’s meeting. Two new carts — one black cart with a black lid for garbage and one black cart with a red lid for recycling — will be delivered to residents by the end of February.

Residents of single-family homes will receive 95-gallon carts, and residents of smaller units such as townhouses, condos and patio homes will receive 65-gallon carts. The new totes cost $1.45 million and were purchased with bonds from the Rehrig Pacific Company.

“The carts won’t all be here by Feb. 1; it’s going to take about a month to deliver them, but once the carts arrive, [residents] can start using them,” said Supervisor Johanna Coleman.

Currently, residents in the refuse district receive weekly solid-waste and recycling pickup, with recycling collected from 18-gallon bins. After Feb. 1, solid-waste pickup will remain weekly, but recycling collection will change to every other week. A discount on garbage pickup will be given to residents who receive an old-age exemption.

Bulk-item collection will change to monthly, rather than weekly, with a maximum of three items per month. Bulk items will be collected during the second full week of each month.

The first bulk week will be held from Feb. 11 through Feb. 15. Tires will no longer be accepted, but the Highway Department will pick up tires “if they can,” said Coleman. “If we don’t collect them, they’re going to be in ditches,” she said.

The new program also allows residents to purchase extra-capacity stickers for any additional bagged items they would like collected, at a maximum weight of 40 pounds. They will be sold in the Town Clerk’s Office for $5 each.

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