Lexington’s Government Center pilot program is designed to explore a method for collecting and selling clean paper to recyclers. Starting this week, employees will be asked to put clean, dry paper in bins located throughout City Hall marked as “paper only.” Magazines, mass mailings, office paper and other paper products can be put in these bins. Ultimately, the material will be used to test the market for clean paper.

During the pilot program, the Division of Waste Management will issue a new RFP to explore options for community-wide paper recycling. The results of the pilot program should help shape responses to the RFP, and will inform the city’s assessment of those responses. In the meantime, the city is encouraging residents to continue reducing paper use as much as possible.

To read the full story, visit https://www.lexingtonky.gov/news/10-15-2019/lexington-tries-paper-recycling-pilot-project.