Paper recycling from home carts will resume in Lexington in March, city leaders announced and the city has a machinery upgrade to thank. “It has been a long journey, complicated by the pandemic, to restore this service. Now, we’re moving forward,” Mayor Linda Gorton said. Thanks to an upcoming $4.2 million refresh of the Recycling Center’s machinery, the center will once again be able to recycle “clean” paper, such as office and printing papers, magazines and newspapers, collected curbside from the blue carts provided through the City’s Waste Management service.

The new equipment and upgrades to existing devices, which the Mayor included in the current budget, will allow the center to:

  • Sort paper collected curbside more effectively, and produce better quality paper;
  • Increase the capacity of the center to produce higher quality recyclables to sell.

“Both of those outcomes allow us to restore curbside paper collection and improve the overall performance of the facility,” said Tracey Thurman, Director of Waste Management. “The changes will also improve how we sort glass, and this will reduce the damage glass breakage does to our equipment.”

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Author: Steve Rogers, WTVQ 36
Image: MGN, WTVQ 36