More than 50,000 Little Rock residents may see slight increases in their solid waste fees by 2020 if the City Board approves a contract for providing curbside glass recycling services. Little Rock issued a request for proposal (RFP) for curbside glass recycling and ACE Glass was the only company to submit a bid.  The resolution proposes to increase the solid waste fees by $3.39, totaling $32.29 a month come Jan. 2020 if the board adopts the resolution.

Waste Management, Inc. administered curbside glass recycling in partnership with the City of Little Rock until earlier this year due to recycling market uncertainties and contamination percentages in collections. Contract changes led to the removal of curbside glass recycling with Waste Management, although other curbside recycling services remain the same.

Whereas Waste Management collected all recycled materials including glass into one stream, ACE focuses exclusively on glass, therefore doing away with any concern of contamination with other products. “Part of the reason we’re doing this is because of economic development for Little Rock. Everyone considers it an essential service but at the same time we like creating jobs and we need positive stories,” Little said.

Jerry White is a lifelong Little Rock resident with a differing view on the issue. “The recycling part I think is okay but to add another surcharge knowing your monthly bill, I don’t agree with that,” White said.

ACE Glass currently offers voluntary curbside recycling services for $100 a year. The company also has several free drop off sites throughout the Little Rock and surrounding area. The glass is turned into a glass-foam aggregate, which is recooked and utilized for manufacturing purposes.

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