Each year, over a million tons of waste is landfilled from Franklin County businesses and residents, including one million pounds of discarded food each day. Most of this waste could be diverted from entering the landfill through reuse, recycling and composting activities. In an effort to encourage solutions to reach greater rates of diversion and reduce local reliance on the landfill, SWACO and Rev1 Ventures have teamed up to connect with and support local innovators, entrepreneurs, and early-stage start-ups who have viable concepts and ideas for making a positive impact on the waste stream.

On May 26, SWACO and Rev1 will host a virtual information session for local innovators to learn about the Franklin County waste stream, market and material diversion opportunities and the process to submit ideas to participate in Rev1’s June Customer Learning Lab where participants will be invited to validate and develop a pitch for their concept. Participants with innovative plans for reducing and transforming waste will be considered to receive a grant up to $5,000 from SWACO to further support the development of their idea, as well as additional business support resources and advice to help those ideas become a reality.

“In order to reach greater rates of diversion which will contribute to a healthier and more resilient community for all, we must support and catalyze the waste reducing ideas of local creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs,” says Ty Marsh, Executive Director, SWACO. “When we can effectively manage the waste stream, we’re enabling community growth, driving economic prosperity through job creation and the resale of recycled resources, and supporting environmental stewardship across our region. When we invest in ideas and people, we can make seismic impacts on the future of our community.”

“Central Ohio is blessed with great partners who are working together,” added Kyle O’Keefe, Director of Innovation and Programs, SWACO. “And, Franklin County’s waste stream presents a prime opportunity for leveraging our region’s ability to solve problems through innovation and creativity.”

The 45-minute virtual session on May 26 will cover a landscape overview of food waste and diversion opportunities in Central Ohio, how innovation can support efforts to mitigate waste, resources and support available to waste stream innovators, details about Rev1 June Customer Learning Lab and how to submit concepts for innovation grant consideration.

To learn more and register, visit http://bit.ly/wastetoresources.