LOCI Controls, Inc., a leader in automated landfill gas collection, has acquired the patent, trademark and all rights to the Flo-Wing® landfill gas well measurement system developed by Energyneering Solutions, Inc (ESI), of Sisters, Oregon.  This increases to 13 the total number of issued US patents related to Loci’s automated landfill gas collection products, algorithms, and automation.

Flo-Wing meter technology offers significant improvements to the traditional flow meter measurements system standard in the landfill gas collection industry, including:

  •      Unobstructed liquid passage
  •      Accurate and dependable measurements
  •      Wide flow measurement range
  •      Airfoil shaped venturi flow meter geometry for low vacuum loss
  •      Can be used in both horizontal and vertical orientation

The company includes the Flo-Wing measurement system with every Loci Controller and Guardian system.

LOCI Chairman and CEO Peter Quigley said, “When I first met Benny Benson from ESI and he described the Flo-Wing product and technology, I knew it was a big step forward in improving performance, accuracy and reliability for landfill gas collection flow measurement. Loci’s acquisition of this breakthrough technology helps us to optimize the gas collection system efficiency working closely with our clients.”

“Flo-Wing gives Loci the ability to provide far more accurate and reliable wellhead flow measurement as compared to the traditional wellhead meters,” he added. “Working with Loci was a perfect fit for us,” said Energyeering Solutions, Inc. President Benny Benson.

“Ultimately it made sense to sell Loci the Flo-Wing technology to allow for expanded use in our industry. Loci is a very technical, innovative company, and they recognized immediately what a positive improvement the Flo-Wing was for landfill gas collection flow measurement accuracy and consistency when compared to orifice plate or pitot tube based wellheads.”

For more information, visit www.locicontrols.com.