Lomi, creators of sustainable and compostable products, and GROWNYC, a sustainability education non-profit, announced an exclusive partnership, which will provide 50 New York City elementary schools with hands-on educational programs to teach students about sustainability best practices, including fun ways to compost food waste. As part of this partnership, Lomi will donate over 200 of their signature product, Lomi Home Composter – the first kitchen appliance to turn food waste into fertilizer overnight – to selected schools so students can learn about the importance of reducing waste through composting in an interactive way.

“Education has always been one of the most important pillars of our company, so the opportunity to partner with an incredible organization like GROWNYC and provide resources to thousands of students is very exciting for us,” said Matt Bertulli, CEO of Lomi. “We know that launching this program in New York City will help lead the way for other education systems across the country and around the world to implement similar practices.”

Students of the selected schools will not only be able to use Lomi Composters to create compost from the schools’ food waste, but they’ll also use Lomi dirt to fertilize the schools’ community garden spaces. “Our teachers are excited to have Lomi Home Composters as another tool to engage New York City youth in zero waste efforts,” said Kristin Fields, GrowNYC’s School Gardens Director. “Students now can experience the full food cycle in their classrooms: from growing and harvesting food in school gardens, to composting food scraps to give back to the soil.” This project is launching as part of the Learn with Lomi project.

For more information, visit https://pela.earth/pages/learn-with-lomi.