Louisville Metro Public Works has been making a push to dissuade people from illegal dumping. The problem has plagued public works for years with TVs, tires, and other trash illegally dumped throughout Louisville Metro. “It can be really disheartening for those that live around there. And if you are just visiting an area of town and you see trash everywhere it definitely doesn’t make you want to come back,” said Karen Maynard, Public Education Supervisor with Metro Public Works.

Maynard says it’s an issue that creates a number of different hazards for environmental and human health. “Tires cause health issues with the standing water in them with mosquitoes,” said Maynard. “So there’s all kinds of environmental and health issues that come with illegal dumping.”

Lately. the problem is impacting recycling drop-off bins which creates its own set of issues. “If people are putting items inside those dumpsters that we can’t take to the recycling facility then sometimes that negates the efforts of other residents who were trying to recycle and it may not have made it to the recycling center,” said Maynard.

Fairdale’s recycle bin site is one location with cameras, which Maynard says has helped them identify some of these illegal dumpers. People caught could face a citation, cleanup fee, and possibly have their car impounded – totaling roughly $1,000. Public Works has been posting some of the security footage and impound pictures to social media, trying to discourage those who would illegally dump, and to encourage others to report when they see it.

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Author: Dakota Sherek, WDRB.com
Image: WDRB.com