With Loveland’s new closed-lid policy for trash carts days from going into effect, some residents have gotten early warnings in the form of removable hangers left on the handles of overstuffed carts.

Loveland’s City Council voted in February to amend part of the municipal codethat allowed customers to pack trash in carts as long as the lid was open no more than 45 degrees, instead requiring lids to be fully closed.

While the change was officially codified six months ago, following the outbreak of COVID-19, the Solid Waste Division decided to hold off on enforcing it. “We understand that people have had a lot on their minds over the past few months,” solid waste superintendent Tyler Bandemer said in a press release. “We wanted to provide our customers some time to get a better feel for their current collection needs and increase their cart size as needed.”

Now, the city says trucks plan to finally stop taking overfilled carts on Aug. 31. For Nate Rasmussen and the trash truck drivers he supervises, the change has been a long time coming. “We’ve already pushed it off for half a year now, and we wanted to wait just because of the coronavirus,” he said.

Rasmussen said he’s worked for Loveland’s Solid Waste Division for about 25 years — on a trash truck for the first 10 and as a supervisor for the last 15. During that time, he said he’s seen the amount of garbage collected grow from about 80 compacted cubic yards per day to nearly three times that amount.

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Author: Max Levy, Loveland Reporter-Herald
Max Levy, Loveland Reporter-Herald