Lansing collects recyclable materials at single-family homes and some businesses but not at many of the city’s largest apartment complexes. “That’s something that if we’re able to implement would be something that would benefit the community,” said Andy Kilpatrick, director of public service for the city. And some city officials think it should be a priority. This year one of the recommendations the Board of Public Service sent to the City Council was to increase recycling at apartment complexes and businesses.

Is it feasible to make recycling more accessible to thousands of apartment dwellers in the city? “I don’t believe that most apartment complexes in Lansing or frankly, in the state have recycling or make those services available to their residents. They do cost, those services, just like waste services cost. But you can reduce your waste costs by offering recycling services,” said Kerrin O’Brien, executive director of the Michigan recycling coalition.

Lori Welch, sustainability manager for the city of Lansing says they have recognized for a long time that serving all residents includes apartment complexes and people who don’t live in single-family homes. “We’ve just not been able to, to increase those services as much as we’d like to,” Welch said.

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Author: Tianna Jenkins, Fox 47 News
Tianna Jenkins, Fox 47 News