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In the Spotlight: The City of Irving, TX Solid Waste Service Department: Delivering Exceptional Services

Actively engaged in the solid waste industry to address operational concerns early, the city of Irving works collaboratively with the counties and cities in their area to create the best approaches to current challenges.

Conveyors: When It Comes to Conveyor Solutions: “One Size Does Not Fit All”

Every operator has differing needs and challenges to overcome. There are various conveyor solutions available to meet them.

Leachate Management: A “Natural” Approach to Leachate Management

As the concern of impacting our planet’s water resources and atmosphere continues to grow stronger, more and more responsible entities are seeking sustainable solutions to proudly face their community and investors and announce that they are doing their part to help tackle these issues. Natural systems

Truck Equipment: Hooklift Systems Versus Cable Hoists in Today’s Waste Environment

Before spending money, spend some time to research which system will best meet your needs, adhere to your budget as well as contribute to your ongoing efficiency and/or profitability.

Leasing/Financing: Look Close at Valuable 2019 Tax Deductions on Equipment

The financing options you choose and the resulting benefits will be unique to your business and financial needs.

Trucks Tier IV: The Climate of Change

Tier IV emission standards are being heavily pushed in all industries, including on- and off-highway engines. With the regulations taking effect to meet these emission standards, engines have had to add new technologies to manage and reduce emissions.

Leachates: The Environmental Dangers of PFAS and Technologies for Removing Them

Due to a greater understanding of the health and environmental impacts related to the disposal and release of PFAS into the environment, interest in finding viable methods for removing
PFAS from the environment is growing.

Training/Education: 3 Steps for Training Drivers on Vehicle Inspection Requirements

Helping drivers understand their role in keeping vehicles safe on the road is a strong first step toward overall driver and carrier safety. Take the time to train them on both the regulatory requirements and your company requirements, and then give them a disciplined approach to conducting inspections.

Management Addressing the Opposition to Change

There is no single way to deal with making change, but understanding resistance helps. Being patient and determined goes a long way to making it happen.
Preston Ingalls

Event Preview: Garbageman’s Invitational: Celebrating 10 Years

Held from April 16 – 18 this year, this premier event is celebrating its 10th anniversary and still going strong.