AMCS Vision AI

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AMCS launched AMCS Vision AI to the market in May 2022. It is an artificial intelligence driven, computer vision solution designed to digitize images of resource streams and service events to provide operators with automated and continuous insight. It consists of an AI monitoring unit and recording device that can be fitted and integrated into a variety of assets including collection vehicles and MRF plant equipment. The AI Monitoring unit records images and its Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning engine automatically analyses them to detect target patterns (e.g., contamination, composition etc.), to provide alerts, insights, and actions on the AMCS Platform portal. Vision AI addresses challenges within the world of recycling collection and disposal. First, it sets out to cut costs and improve environmental factors. Second, it looks to eradicate the problem of not knowing what premises are responsible for contaminating recyclables. Addressing these two issues helps reduce costs, improve recycling rates, allows for positive engagement between waste collection companies and customers, improves the quality and sale price of recycling, and leads to greater staff safety. Contamination of recyclables creates significant financial and environmental costs. Contaminated recycling loads often require expensive landfill disposal. Vision AI alerts operators to the presence of contaminants, this helps to reduce the overall incidence rate for contamination and leads to greater recycling rates. While there are other means of addressing contaminated recycling, they are slow and expensive and there is often no means of linking the contaminated recyclables with the address where the contamination occurred. This meant there was no means of addressing the problem directly with a service user. AMCS Vision AI provides an address for the source of contamination. This allows for waste management companies to engage directly with customers, ensuring the problem of contaminants is not an ongoing one. For more information, visit