Bulk Diesel Filter Cart

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Schroeder Industries,a recognized leader in fluid filtration and condition monitoring, has released a significant change to the BDFC (Bulk Diesel Filter Cart) product line. The BDFC 3rd Gen. implements the next-phase: purpose-built GHPF and GHCF Particulate and Coalescing filter assemblies along with a complete reconfiguration of the BDFC layout. The BDFC continues to provide exceptional fuel filtration for portable diesel fuel polishing applications, while incorporating all-aluminum filter assemblies designed to reduce weight and overall footprint. These key design changes make the cart more user-friendly and ergonomic. With the increase in Tier IV Final equipment seen in the field, the importance of high performance fuel filtration is critical to improve equipment productivity and reduce maintenance costs often associated with new diesel fuel injection technology. The high performance design that Schroeder Industries brings to the market in this latest product update specifically addresses the growing challenge in today’s diesel powered equipment fleets. The BDFC 3rd Gen. is commercially available through our distribution network now, as well as through Schroeder’s QuickDelivery program (units available to ship within 5 business days). The use of our industry leading filtration technology in our purpose-build GHPF and GHCF Particulate and Coalescing filter assemblies is the foundation for the update to the BDFC. With particulate pre- filtration at 3 or 1 micron, and water removal at greater than 95% in a single-pass, this high performance, fuel-polishing cart provides exceptional filtration for fuel tank and storage polishing, as well as portable fuel transfer to achieve the strict fuel cleanliness standards needed for today’s Tier IV diesel engine fuel systems. In addition to the aforementioned layout redesign, weight reduction, and a narrow footprint, the BDFC 3rd Gen. also incorporates front-mounted filter assemblies and low, rear- mounted pump and motor to reduce the center-of-gravity. These significant design changes make this cart very easy to transport and handle in the field. The functionality of the BDFC has improved with factory supplied standard features, such as: The first set of service elements, which use our patented, quality-protected GeoSeal® technology to ensure quality filtration with every element replacement. The choice of a 14 or 25 gallon per minute pump paired with a 1.5 hp single phase motor for high volume storage capability. Optional air operated double diaphragm pump available for applications with limited utilities or high vertical lift requirements. Visual latching element change indicators with manual reset on both the particulate and coalescing filter housings. A sump level, sight glass with a manual water drain valve for the coalescing filter. Cam-and-groove connections for the hoses and wands. Fuel sampling test points installed before and after filtration for real-time performance evaluation. The standard features make for a user focused, turnkey fuel polishing cart capable of providing the filtration performance needed for today’s diesel fuel. Servicing the top-ported filter assemblies with integral drains and removable bowls makes element changes cleaner with an integral drip pan to contain any fuel drips. Servicing is easier, requiring only a strap wrench to service both filter assemblies. For more information, call (800) 722-4810 or e-mail sisales@schroederindustries.com.

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