Color-Coded Cleaning Tools & Shadow Boards

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Sold by Visual Workplace, Inc.
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Visual Workplace, Inc. (Byron Center, MI) has introduced color-coded cleaning tools to help create order and discipline in facilities. Color coding workspaces is a simple way to eliminate searching by making it faster and easier to find and return cleaning tools to their proper places, which also reduces the need to replace missing tools. Color-coded cleaning tools help to reduce cross-contamination between workspaces and establish standard work. All of these benefits support companies as they try to achieve 5S/Lean objectives. Visual Workplaces offers several color-coded cleaning tools: Push Brooms and Angle Brooms (multiple handle lengths available) and dust pan Lobby dust pan & broom set Bench Brush Squeegee Dust Mop Frame Wet Mop Handle Mop Bucket w/ Side Press Ringers Caution Wet Floor Sign (yellow only) Most tools are available in black, blue, red, yellow, green, and orange. Coordinating Shadow Boards for cleaning tools are also available. Shadow Boards include a colored outline for each tool and optional tool name labeling. For more information, visit

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