Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

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Lytx® Inc. has released a new Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) service for fleets wanting to improve safety and productivity. DVIR solutions are an important component for any maintenance program and can identify existing (and potential) issues with a vehicle. Required documentation for commercial vehicles is also needed to meet government DVIR mandates. For vehicles that do not fall under the mandate, this service can be bundled with one of Lytx’s fleet or safety solutions, allowing customers to benefit from DVIR functionality across their mixed fleets. DVIR is required documentation that verifies commercial vehicles are safely maintained and compliant with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Drivers must regularly inspect their vehicles before and after taking them out on the road by checking essential vehicle components and systems to ensure each vehicle is being maintained and operated safely. Non-compliance can result in large fines, as well as loss of licenses and certifications.   To help address the growing needs of fleets wanting to combine effective tools with a streamlined approach, Lytx DVIR Service is the next offering that joins Lytx’s all-in-one suite of customizable fleet management solutions. Using the Lytx Driver App, drivers can conveniently log DVIRs electronically via pre-populated checklists and upload photos and videos to enhance their reports. The provided information can then be shared with mechanics to highlight vehicle malfunctions and used to increase visibility for fleet managers, who can customize vehicle and trailer checklists within their Lytx account. In addition to having the ability to closely track specific areas of concern, fleet managers can quickly review and resolve DVIRs within their account dashboard. Lytx DVIR Service is available now to all existing customers through month-to-month plans based on the number of vehicles, with each vehicle being able to support multiple drivers. Unlike many other providers of all-in-one fleet management solutions, Lytx does not require customers to purchase ELD service in order to add DVIR. Customers who already own (or choose to add) one of Lytx’s proven solutions can conveniently add DVIR to instantly take advantage of these new tools. For more information, visit .