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Clean Earth expanded its e-waste recycling services to accommodate companies with remote employees through its mail back program. This program allows hazardous e-waste to be safely and securely disposed at an accredited Clean Earth TSDF no matter where in the country the e-waste originated. Similar to Clean Earth’s RecycleKits, all a company’s e-waste is shipped in appropriate boxes for the type of waste to a Clean Earth TSDF. RecyleKits are advantageous for companies with small amounts of e-waste accumulating in one central location. Conversely, the mail back program is specifically designed for companies with remote employees to send their e-waste from different locations. Employees receive postmarked boxes to their homes to pack and send their company e-waste for recycling or refurbishing. The mail back program streamlines the e-waste recycling process and takes the logistics out of the hands of the companies. This program gives companies peace of mind, especially when secure data destruction is a top priority. For more information, visit CleanEarthInc.com.