Environmentally Friendly Cleaner- MCI®-2061,

from Waste Industry Products
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Petroleum-based stains on floors are very difficult to clean, sometimes requiring blasting to remove. Cortec® Corporation developed a simple and efficient solution relying on green chemistry to chase after the oily residues on the substrate floor. With environmentally friendly cleaner- MCI®-2061, removing oil stains off the repair shop floor or driveway is no longer complicated. This biological cleaner/degreaser is excellent for getting rid of oily residues on the garage floors, gas stations, or parking lots without requiring harsh chemicals or solvents. MCI®-2061 is formulated for cleaning concrete, asphalt, and other hard surfaces such as fixtures and equipment. Its unique formulation combines powerful cleaning chemistry with microorganisms capable of biodegrading hydrocarbons that stain concrete and other hard surfaces. Biodegradable surfactants loosen and disperse hydrocarbons, making them more available to microbes that eat them. The main benefits are: Microbes of MCI®-2061 populate the substrate and provide residual deep cleaning action as they chase the oil stain through the pores. MCI®-2061 biochemistry is safe on floors and does not corrode or harm them. MCI®-2061 will degrade a wide range of hydrocarbons, including gasoline, diesel, crude oil, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylene. MCI®-2061 is used like other hard-surface cleaners. The initial cleaning action is due to the surfactant component of the product, and secondary cleaning action is due to the microorganism component. The microorganisms are preserved bacterial spores that remain inactive until MCI®-2061 is applied. The spores then germinate into active microorganisms. Microorganisms that remain behind after the water rinse continue digesting hydrocarbon residuals on the driveway or shop floor. Furthermore, microorganisms that are rinsed downstream into drain lines, sewer systems, or grease traps can help accelerate the biodegradation of the waste. MCI®-2061 is non-toxic, it deep cleans surfaces and reduces pollution. Health and safety hazards are also significantly reduced compared to standard solvent or alkali based cleaners. With biodegradable surfactants, a neutral pH, no solvents, or VOC’s, MCI®-2061 makes it easy to maintain a cleaner and healthier facility using green technology. For more information, visit www.cortecvci.com.