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Battle Motors, with its manufacturing facility in New Philadelphia, OH, announces a range of EV-powered vehicles ready for a multitude of applications in the waste management industries.  Building off the heavy-duty LET2 and LNT platforms, Battle Motors set out to electrify these vehicles while adding a slew of new technologies including the Battle Motors Smart Cab. It integrates the company’s proprietary RevolutionOS™ powered by T-Mobile’s nationwide network. This innovative platform is designed to deliver data and information to drivers and fleet managers that enhances efficiency, safety, and security. In addition, Battle Motors has partnered with Mobileye, one of the global leaders in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This technology helps to prevent collisions and improve driver performance for millions of cars and trucks on the road today. Using the Mobileye 8 Connect™ as a standard safety feature, Battle Motors’ vehicles deliver one of the most advanced technologies to prevent and mitigate collisions in the industry. While technology and safety are always a high priority, a reliable and proven powertrain is essential to performance. Battle Motors uses the premium BorgWarner Cascadia Motion HVH 410-150 motor combined with either a Direct Drive or 2-Speed Powershift transmission. This EV-powered combination reaches speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. Battle Motors offers a battery pack in a variety of sizes—from 240 kWh up to 400 kWh and the ability to fast charge at speeds up to 240 kWh per hour. These new electrified platforms can hit up to 80 percent in under one hour. The Battle-Ready CNG trucks deliver the same comfort, visibility, and reliability as its diesel-powered trucks. With lower maintenance costs, reduced noise, and zero carbon emissions, these trucks are available for delivery in Q1 of 2023. It is offered in front, rear, and automated side loader applications, and are available in standard and crew cab configurations. Battle Motors is built on the legacy of Crane Carrier Company (CCC) who have been manufacturing commercial vehicles for 75 years and provide more than 200 service locations across North America and Canada with 24/7 access to parts and service support from factory trained technicians. All Battle Motors vehicles are built in a newly expanded 325,000-sq. ft. location in New Philadelphia, OH. “We are absolutely thrilled to see the 75-years of high-quality manufacturing the market has come to expect from Crane Carrier be infused with the latest EV, ADAS and digital technologies from Battle Motors,” said Kelleigh Ash, Battle Motors’ Chief Technology Officer, “It provides the perfect platform to deliver innovative, customer-centric zero-emissions solutions to the market.” For more information, call (888) 328-5443, visit www.battlemotors.com or follow them @BattleMotors.