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Toter, a leading producer of waste and recycling carts, offers a range of highly functional and sturdy solutions that are ideal for organics collection. Among the leading Toter options for organics-recycling purposes are: • Toter Organics Bins: Built to last and made with durable high- density polyethylene (HDPE), Toter’s Organics Bins make it easy to collect and transport organics materials from a home or business. The dishwasher-safe 2-gallon bin features top and bottom hand grips for easy dumping, a snap-tight lid, a wall-mountable design and a locking seal to prevent odors. The 13-gallon bin offers large handles and heavy-duty wheels for easy transport to the curb, and it features a latch and animal lock to keep scavengers out. Both sizes also offer customization options such as custom colors, custom logo imprinting, and custom lid options including solid lid, vented lid, and lid-hole. • Toter Slimline: Designed with the food-service environment in mind, Toter’s Slimline containers are built to withstand extreme situations and extended service—indoors or outdoors. These durable containers are available in two sizes with six lid choices, and their helpful features include integrated handles for easy carrying and transport, venting channels for simplified bag removal, thick drag strips for increased durability, and bottom handles that are molded in for easier dumping. • ConFab: ConFab’s high-quality, durable Organics Collection Container combines the strength of steel with the flexibility of plastic. Built with the purpose to help keep organics like food scraps and yard waste out of landfills, these environmentally friendly containers are tough, capable and up to the challenge. The flexible plastic bin liner, quick release caster plates, 6" rubber swivel casters, and impact plastic organics lid make it an incredibly dependable organics collection solution. Plus, it is available in sizes from 1 to 3 yards and a variety of colors, so it has got the versatility to fit the needs of any setting. For more information, visit www.toter.com