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Big Truck Rental is North America’s leading source for front loader garbage truck rental and purchase. We offer top-of-the-line models packed with easy-to-use technology that optimizes your waste collection operations. We are happy to help you get started, providing consulting and turnkey service. Since 2002, Big Truck Rental has been a name synonymous with supportive, flexible, and dependable waste management throughout the U.S. and Canada. Front loaders are equipped with hydraulic forklifts capable of emptying dumpsters into the rear vehicle hopper, where it is compacted by a hydraulically-actuated packer. Most modern front loaders in the U.S. hold up to 40 cubic yards of refuse and can lift containers weighing up to 8,000 lbs., using joystick controls. Over the years, front loader options have been added, allowing operators to see using mounted color cameras to monitor situational awareness. A front loader garbage truck can be the perfect solution for: • Collecting large amounts of commercial waste materials using large dumpsters that lift, dump, and compact. • Servicing stores, offices, restaurants, and multifamily housing units • Packing on-the-go along busy routes, allowing for greater collection and faster moving times. If the front loader is not the model to satisfy your needs, Big Truck Rental also offers side loaders, rear loaders, and roll off trucks that allow you to pick up anywhere, any way, anytime.

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