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2019 International 4300
2019 International 4300

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Description of a Grapple Truck

Grapple Trucks, also known as knucklebooms, are popular Garbage Trucks for Sale today. This term refers to all trucks with a grapple loader or a boom with a hydraulic arm mounted to its frame.  The grapple loader is part mechanical and part hydraulic, and it is able to rotate around a center point.  This allows the grapple to efficiently grab bulky items, and deposit them into a waiting container, making them a popular choice for the waste industry.  There are several different types of grapple trucks on the market; one such Grapple Truck for Sale is a rear-mounted loader and trailer system.

Advantages of a Grapple Truck

Of all of the Trash Trucks for Sale on the market, grapple trucks are extremely useful for certain types of cleanup, such as clearing large debris after a hurricane.  A Grapple Truck not only makes collecting bulky items more efficient and quicker, but it also helps drastically reduce injuries for workers.  Without this type of truck, haulers had to go the “old fashioned” route, and pick up the heavy items by hand, risking shoulder, back and other injuries in the process.  Grapple Trucks also help cities save a considerable amount of money since fewer laborers are needed, therefore, fewer paychecks, and collection can be done in a much quicker, more efficient way.  Another big advantage of a grapple truck is that the arm can be folded down much more compactly than on some other similar machines, such as a telescoping crane, allowing them to navigate in tighter spaces.

Grapple Truck for Sale, What to Consider When Buying?

When looking for Garbage Trucks for Sale, there is a lot to consider—from how large the items are that are being gathered to how often they would need to be collected, to what type of attachment your job needs.  If you want to use your grapple truck for many different projects, you might want to consider removable grapple arms, which would allow you to choose the perfect attachment for each job.  You can find plenty of new and used grapple Trucks for sale as well as Garbage Trucks for Sale in general online.  If you narrow your choices down and have a strict budget that you need to adhere to, you could keep your eye out for a Grapple Truck Sale.  And, of course, don’t forget to check our Marketplace.

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