Heavy Duty Excavator Buckets

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Werk-Brau’s (Findlay, OH) Heavy Duty Excavator Buckets, when paired with a Progressive Linkage Thumb, and D-Lock Coupler, allow quick coupling for unparalleled versatility and productivity on any jobsite. The Heavy-Duty Excavator Bucket is built to last with high quality T-1 steel used in all critical or high wear components, and heavy-duty horizontal wear straps protect the bucket bottom. Each bucket is engineered with tapered side plates and a dual taper radius that reduce wear and make dumping easier. When paired with the Progressive Linkage Thumb, the Heavy-Duty Excavator Bucket is ideal for material handling. The D-lock allows operators to quickly, safely and reliably switch between attachments, so that the proper tool is always at hand. With capacities from 3.5 to 40 MT, this Werk-Brau productivity package is ideal for land clearing, demolition work, rip rap, pipeline projects and more. The Progressive Linkage Thumb features a full 180-degree range of motion, allowing it to match the bucket through its entire work cycle. Wear resistant and high strength steel is used in all critical and high wear components, and the strong, rigid skeletal structure increases torsion resistance. An induction hardened heavy duty cylinder rod and pivot pins ensure durability and long life of all components. The integrated collapsible linkage design also allows the thumb jaw unit to close further, preventing damage to the machine’s arm while in transport position. Each tine has a minimum of three points of grip to securely hold materials. Built-in linkage positional stops offer protection of the cylinder on both the inward and outward stroke, and cushioned cylinders promote smooth operation. The thumb’s Universal Linkage Pivot System allows for easy installation on any excavator arm without removing dipper arm linkage, cutting installation time in half. The D-Lock Coupler is a very simple mechanism with only six total parts and is the ideal complement to a Werk-Brau Bucket and Progressive Linkage Thumb. Safety is assured as an automatic front lock locks the front pin in the event the rear pin is not secured. The unlock process is designed to release only when the operator intends to do so, in a controlled and safe manner, eliminating accidental releases. Multi-pin centers and multi-pin diameters allow the coupler to pick up all attachments in the same weight class even with different pin diameters. Its compact design improves machine performance. With only two hydraulic lines required, installation is simple, and since no greasing or lubrication is required, they are virtually maintenance-free. These unique features and its wide-ranging capacity (from 2.5 to 90 MT) make Werk-Brau D-Link couplers one of the safest, most reliable hydraulic couplers in the world. For more information, contact Dale DeWeese at (800) 537-9561, e-mail at sales@Werk-Brau.com or visit www.Werk-Brau.com.

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