L200H High Lift Wheel Loader

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Sold by Volvo Construction Equipment
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Volvo Construction Equipment has launched the new L200H High Lift wheel loader in North America, featuring a 27 percent increase in lifting capacity and a 13 percent larger grapple than the L180H model it replaces. This, combined with a stronger base unit, means the L200H High Lift can handle more timber per hour, upping productivity and driving down operating costs. A new loading unit features a reinforced lift arm system, cross beam and rotator unit. This increases the machine’s maximum lifting capacity from 19,401 lbs. on the L180H High Lift to 24,600 lbs. Grapples come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit site requirements with Volvo design that embodies half a century of high lift know-how. To accommodate this extra capacity and ensure the stability of the loader, larger 875-type low-profile L4 tires come standard. The L200H High Lift is light on its feet, is able to travel over rough terrains at speed, can work comfortably on uneven ground and exerts minimal stress on paved surfaces. That is because of its four-wide tires and articulated steering. These capabilities simplify site preparation and keep site maintenance costs manageable. A new external axle oil cooling system reduces the temperature of the axles, which, in turn, increases their lifetime and that of the brakes. It also includes an oil filter that keeps the axle oil clean for longer, increasing the oil change interval to 4,000 hours (or 18 months). Gear shifting has been optimized to suit the new increased workloads, resulting in fast acceleration and smooth operation. Proven technologies such as OptiShift, which integrates the Reverse-By-Braking function and torque converter with lock-up, further support fuel efficiency. The L200H High Lift is the first high-lift variant to be compatible with Load Assist, Volvo’s suite of apps that is accessed from the in-cab, co-pilot display and designed to enhance productivity and profitability. The On-Board Weighing app provides real-time insights into the grapple’s payload to help eliminate overloading, underloading, reweighing, and wait times. The Operator Coaching Advanced app helps operators use the loader to its full potential by providing real-time information and guidance. Load Assist also includes a tire pressure monitoring system, which provides the ability to check the pressure and temperature of air-inflated and hydro-inflated tires from the comfort of the cab. Considering that the correct tire pressure can cut fuel consumption by 2 percent to 4 percent, and add 6 percent to 10 percent to tire life, this is a valuable cost-saving tool.  For more information, visit www.volvoce.com/united-states/en-us/products/wheel-loaders/l200hhl/.