Macrotek’s SULFCAT® Technology to Reduce H2S Levels

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The presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in landfill gas can be problematic and costly. Macrotek Inc. (Markham, ON) has recently made innovative advancements in liquid redox technology, creating a simpler and more cost-effective method of removing H2S. Using enhanced chemistry and a modularized design approach, landfills can employ Macrotek’s SULFCAT® technology to reduce H2S levels by 99.9 percent or more. The SULFCAT process involves sending a gas stream containing H2S to an absorber vessel. The H2S is absorbed into the solution where it is converted to solid sulfur. The reaction is facilitated by iron molecules that are held in the solution. The spent solution containing sulfur is sent to a secondary vessel for regeneration, where it is continuously recycled to the absorber. The regenerative nature of the process results in very low chemical consumption, and therefore very low operating costs. The sulfur is removed as a low moisture content cake by filtration. Although the technology has been well established for several decades, the typical capital cost of this type of system has been high relative to competing H2S removal technologies. This has formerly restricted the potential application range of iron-based liquid redox technologies. Advancements in the SULFCAT process have brought down costs and widened the application range considerably. The two key benefits of the SULFCAT process are a modularized design approach and improved process chemistry. The design approach reduces field installation costs as well as installation timelines. The system is shipped in pre-packaged pieces with instruments and controls installed, tested and commissioned. The process chemistry extends the lifespan of the catalyst and therefore reduces chemical volumes and operating costs. These innovative benefits of the SULFCAT process have made it the most compelling and cost-effective technology for H2S removal in landfill gas applications. For more information call (888) 415-1799, e-mail or visit

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