Magnetic Anchor System for Bottom Liners in Landfills

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STI Engineering has been developing a new approach to anchoring landfill bottom liners. There are many types of landfill liners, and many uses for liner materials, but one thing they all have in common is that they must be anchored in place. The liner is usually anchored around the edges, or at key points, to prevent excess movement during construction or filling, settlement of underlying waste or from a major earthquake. Currently, most liners are anchored by using anchor trenches, which are typically effective in most cases, however, non-uniform loading and seismic events create challenges. A new approach would allow the liner to be firmly held in place against the slope subgrade or excavated wall, but also allow for slippage during filling. The Magnetic Anchor System (MAS) involves using a duckbill anchor with cable, a modified base plate and a magnetic spring frame. The modified base plate is held against the slope subgrade by the duckbill anchor via a cable. The geotextile and liner material are placed over the modified base plate. The magnetic spring plate is placed over the area of the base plate using magnetic force to hold the liner in place. However, as the liner is loaded, the liner is allowed to slip, preventing the liner from stretching or tearing. When the magnet is at the bottom edge of the base plate it can be pulled up and reset over the base plate. When the liner is filled to the elevation of the MAS the magnet is removed for later use. Waste Advantage Magazine and STI are looking forward to presenting follow-on articles regarding the future development of this system. The articles will invite readers to submit comments and ideas and will be presented in future articles. For more information, call (714) 649-4422 or e-mail Reg Renaud at

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