Rotoline 4.1 molding oven

from Waste Industry Products
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Sold by Diversified Plastics, Inc.
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Diversified Plastics, Inc., a leading international rotational molder based out of Latta, SC, introduces a new Rotoline 4.1 molding ovens to their facilities in Social Circle, GA and Latta, SC. DPI now has more state-of-the-art Roto-Molding ovens that further enhance their continued growth pattern and efficiency. With the implementation of the new rotational molding oven, DPI will increase overall productivity and allow them to produce a larger volume of their products. DPI currently has 25 plastic product lines that vary from material handling carts to commercial trash containers. This oven has the capability to manufacture all of DPI’s product lines in an efficient manner. Since 1976, Diversified Plastics Inc. has been one of the leading rotational molding manufacturers of custom and standard material handing carts and plastic storage containers. DPI specializes in material handing carts, 1-4 step heavy duty steps, traffic barriers and column protectors for industrial warehouses, recycling, textile, hospitality, laundry, agricultural, and marine industries. DPI also manufactures waste and plastic recycling containers for restaurants, sport venues, stadiums, apartment, and condominium complexes, as well as corporate office buildings. DPI’s diverse product line includes bulk material handing carts, plastic utility carts, laundry carts, fork liftable bulk containers, tote boxes, round drums and containers, spring platform trucks, elevated carts, easy access carts, tilt trucks, and more. For more information, call (800) 768-7636 or visit