Pallet Recycling Program

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Victor, NY-based Waste Harmonics—a managed service provider in the waste industry—recently rolled out a new pallet recycling initiative to help tackle this issue. The program aims to help companies dispose of pallets so they are 100 percent recyclable, ensuring nails are extracted and wood is fully salvaged into reusable resources such as mulch or biofuel for heating. The program offers rebates for recycling this commodity, and for businesses that means more dollars back into their bottom lines. With this service, customers get: • Onsite Evaluation. Waste Harmonics continuously evaluates strategies to properly reuse, or recycle pallets, packaging, cardboard, plastics, paper and more. • Cost Saving Strategies. Proposed revenue generation and cost reduction initiatives by industry leading experts. • National Reach. Customers have access to a nationwide network of more than 400 vendors providing drop trailer and live load services. • Total Pallet Management. Including dock sweeps, onsite labor solutions, on/offsite sorting, and onsite repair. • State-of-the-Art Reporting and Analytics. Using individualized sales metrics, Waste Harmonics simplify your business’ standardized services. • Consolidation. Through a cloud-based portal, customers have access to a snapshot of their total current waste and recycling spend/rebates—whether they have one or 5,000+ Unmatched Customer Service. Waste Harmonics provides a dedicated rapid response, best-in-class customer service team. For more information, call (585) 924-9640 or visit