Rear Loader Garbage Truck Rental

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These rear loader garbage trucks are the ultimate go-to for flexibility. Whether commercial or residential, they deliver superior durability and reliability with efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. For extensive rear loader options, we are your Any Time, Any Way truck solutions provider. 20 and 25 Yard Heil PT 1000/Durapack 5000 and McNeilus 2010/2511 Bodies Freightliner and Peterbilt Chassis 16,000/20,000 lb. Front Axle & 40,000/46,000 Rear Axle Cart Tipper and Reeving Cylinder Rear loaders are engineered to have trash bags and garbage cans tossed or dumped into them or containers collected in a semi-automated manner. Trash is then compacted into a storage bin, until it is unloaded at a waste management facility. Benefits of this smart design include: Low-set bin is easy to load by hand. A range of safety features, like dual emergency stop buttons and back-up cameras. Comfortable cab with heat and AC. Compaction up to 1,200 lbs. per cubic yard, and capacity up to 32 cubic yards. Cart tipper for ease of collection Reeving wench and kick bar options to collect commercial containers.

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