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With the industry’s most innovative side loader garbage trucks, these trucks exceed expectations and are flexible enough to handle your residential demands and obstacles while offering efficient collection. Stuck for a truck? Call your Any Time, Any Way truck solutions provider. 28 Yard McNeilus Zero Radius and Heil Python Bodies Peterbilt and Mack Chassis 20,000 lb Front Axle & 46,000 Rear Axle Dual Steer or Right-Hand Drive and Groeneveld Auto Lube System The side loader garbage truck is primarily used for household waste collection. They may be loaded manually from theside by waste collectors, or automatically from a robotic arm operated by the driver of the truck. The Automated Side Loaders in particular have become increasingly popular, as they allow a single operator to service up to 1,500 homes a day. Manual side loaders remain a staple in the waste hauling industry, with a nimble size and quieter operation that allows them to go places automated trucks cannot. Manual trucks can also be retrofitted with cart tippers to become “semi-automated,” when necessary. A side loader garbage truck may be the perfect solution if you’d like to: Improve safety – Reduce the number of repetitive overuse injuries by 70% with an ASL truck. Add more stops – Pick up approximately 30% more stops on your routes, using one driver instead of two.

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