SOAR HF, High-foaming, Liquid Acidic Cleaner

from Waste Industry Products
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Madison Chemical introduces SOAR HF, a unique high-foaming, liquid acidic cleaner designed to penetrate and remove rust, oxides, calcium carbonate, and other types of scale, stains, and deposits without harmful fumes. With high foam characteristics, SOAR HF is easily applied to difficult-to-reach areas.  It is ideal for cleaning metal, plastic, glass, concrete floors, ready mix concrete trucks, pulp and paper mills and machinery, toilet bowls, automotive wheels, boat hulls, and more.    This versatile cleaner is typically used from 10 percent by volume in water to full strength (100 percent) at 65 to 120°F. It may be applied by foam, immersion, hand spray, brush, or wiping and is typically followed by a thorough cold-water rinse. Contact times vary with each application, but one to five minutes is a typical starting point.  It is safe for use on glass and most plastics such as PVC, polyethylene, and polypropylene when used as directed. May produce discoloration or controlled etch on aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel and copper alloys. SOAR HF should be tested pre-tested for effectiveness and safety on all contact surfaces prior to implementation in production.       For more information, visit