Rockshield Pipeline Protection

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RockArmourTM is a conductive geomembrane material designed to shield pipelines from rock impact damage during backfilling and problems caused by land movement after pipeline installation. “Solmax has a long-standing relationship with Rock Armour LLC and we are excited about combining our manufacturing and technical expertise to bring the RockArmour product to market,” says Mathieu Cornellier, Vice President Technical Services & Business Development of Solmax. “RockArmour provides a protective rockshield solution to a common problem of maintaining pipe safety during trenching, laying pipe and backfilling as well as long-term integrity,” Cornellier adds. “Our customers will be able to protect their midstream oil and gas assets more efficiently and safely.” RockArmour is made of a perforated, conductive low-density polyethylene geomembrane that exceeds the industry standards in impact resistance and tear strength. The core layer provides the impact and tear strength, while the inner layer is textured and conductive. The perforation allows for cathodic protection current to protect against damage (holidays) on the coated pipe surface. “This design sets it apart from other rockshields in the market,” says Cornellier. In addition, RockArmour has definite cost efficiency and safety advantages in comparison with other products. It is installed with a specially designed attachment, increasing safety and minimizing handling time and job site labor. “With RockArmour, contractors may save as much as 75% in labor costs and maintain or exceed the run rate required to stay ahead in the field, essentially giving contractors more miles for less,” concludes Cornellier. For more information,