SolvX® Heavy Duty Degreaser Gel and Leachate Remover

from Waste Industry Products
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How does your brand reflect? Solid Waste fleet vehicles are a moving billboard advertising the company’s brand. Clean vehicles reflect the attention to detail and professionalism of your company, which instills confidence in your customers selection of a service provider. Traditional approaches to cleaning leachate was to use strong concentrations of acid, usually harmful Hydrofluoric, which etched glass, destroyed hydraulic lines and wiring. Fleets are constantly on the move and the work is dirty, so how can a clean vehicle be accomplished? Look no further than Cleaning Systems Inc.’s (CSI) (De Pere, WI) SolvX® Heavy Duty Degreaser Gel and Leachate Remover. It is completely safe on the surfaces and soft parts and without the hazards of using acidic products. SolvX® is in use at solid waste sites nationwide to remove leachate deposits from front loaders and as part of fire prevention plans for behind the cab cleaning of oil, leachate and hydraulic deposits. It is an alkaline gel that sticks to vertical surfaces to loosen deposits without runoff or quick drying like conventional degreasers. • Ready to use and non-dilatable • Safe on paint, seals and hoses • Will not etch or damage windshields • Non-Acidic and Non-Corrosive • Non Haz-Mat • Removes hydraulic fluid, grease, exhaust trails and leachate materials • Water soluble, phosphate free, biodegradable and safe for wastewater and/or reclaim systems • Reduces worker impact in handling and applying the chemical • Mitigates corrosion and paint damage from using acidic compounds SolvX® is the most effective and safest solution to improve fleet image, driver safety and the reduction of truck fires. For more information, call (920) 337-2175 or visit