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Waste fleets across North America are increasingly relying on the latest generation of powerful heavy-duty vehicle lifts to enhance maintenance shop safety and improve vehicle uptime. The reasons are compelling, noted heavy-duty vehicle leader Stertil-Koni (Stevensville, MD) First, work trucks in the waste industry are generally heavier than in the past—often with a significant weight differential between front and rear axles. Thus, safely lifting vehicles requires a high degree of electronic synchronization from today’s “smart” lifts—which must continuously communicate with each other and make micro-adjustments during vehicle raising and lowering to ensure smooth operation. Second, waste companies have been required to incorporate and document green technologies into their service facilities. It helps to explain why the Stertil-Koni EARTHLIFT—considered the industry’s first greenMobile Column Lift—has become so widely used. Its columns are made from components that are 98 percent recyclable, use bio-degradable oil, feature batteries that are 100 percent recyclable and employ an Active Energy Retrieval System to deliver 35 percent more lifting cycles at maximum load. Capacities range from 18,500 lbs. to 22,000 lbs. per column. Another very popular vehicle lift used by industries servicing heavy-duty vehicles is the Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT—which provides a true vertical rise—saving valued space on the shop floor. The SKYLIFT’s elegant design includes two independent runways, no crossbeams, overhang or base frame, providing free access to the undercarriage from all sides. Two other lifts have also made marked contributions to vehicle servicing: 1. ECOLIFT: an in-ground scissor lift with a Continuous Recess System as standard (to accommodate low ground clearance vehicles) and a capacity of 30,000 lbs. per scissor 2. DIAMOND LIFT: a high-pressure, low-volume inground telescopic piston lift with a capacity up to 35,000 lbs. per piston, featuring a mechanical locking system using a hardened nitro carburized locking rod for maximum protection For more information, visit