TerraCycle Pouch by Casella

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Casella Waste Systems, Inc., a regional solid waste, recycling, and resource management services company, in partnership with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company that specializes in hard-to-recycle materials, are pleased to announce the launch of TerraCycle Pouch by Casella. Through this pilot program, households and businesses in and around Burlington, VT can subscribe to the service for a wide array of items that are not accepted in curbside recycling bins. Materials accepted through the service include coffee capsules, cosmetic packaging, eyewear, office supplies, pet food packaging, toys, and various types of plastic packaging. The full list of accepted items, including descriptions of how each material will be recycled, can be found at terracyclepouch.com. The innovative subscription-based pickup service, that targets more than 20 hard-to-recycle materials, establishes Casella as one of the first fully integrated resource management companies in the country to offer additional services for 20 waste streams not accepted in curbside recycling. Here’s how the TerraCycle Pouch by Casella program works: 1. Subscribe: Customers subscribe to the TerraCycle Pouch by Casella by visiting www.terracyclepouch.com and choose a plan that fits their needs. 2. Receive supplies: Casella delivers recycling pouches to collect the material in a simple and convenient way. 3. Fill Pouches and Schedule Pickup: Once the pouches are full, customers request a pickup by scanning the pouch’s QR code or logging into their account at www.terracyclepouch.com. 4. Place at the Doorstep to Recycle: Customers place their full pouches on their doorstep. Casella will pick them up and TerraCycle will recycle the acceptable materials inside. Materials collected through the program will be received by TerraCycle’s material recovery partners, where it will be sorted manually and then automatically into individual components. Each material is then recycled into a raw format that can be used to make new products. A portion of the waste collected through the TerraCycle Pouch by Casella program will be recycled into benches and other items that will be donated to local public parks. The TerraCycle Pouch by Casella program is in a pilot phase and open to any interested individual, school, office, or community organization in select towns in and around Burlington, VT. If the program proves to be economically and environmentally valuable for customers in the pilot group, Casella hopes to bring it to other areas of its operating footprint in the future. For more information, visit www.casella.com or www.terracycle.com.