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Castrol VECTON Diesel Engine Oils

Castrol (Wayne, NJ) knows competition is fierce in the refuse industry and you face a multitude of challenges—from rising fuel prices to congested roads and escalating insurance costs. They want to help you fight back by helping your vehicles run with maximum efficiency. Working closely with customers and truck manufacturers, Castrol has developed its new range of VECTON diesel engine oils that reflect different business priorities. Each variant has been engineered with its own strengths, giving you a real choice of what goes into your trucks’ engines.

The new Castrol VECTON Long Drain 10W-30 CK-4 with unique System Pro Technology™ is an advanced heavy duty engine oil. Conforming to the requirements of PC-11 engine oil technology, it can be used in diesel engines where API CK-4, CJ-4, or below is required. It is specifically engineered to deliver longer oil life, enabling extended service intervals up to 70,000 miles, even under severe operating conditions.
New technology developments in diesel engines have resulted in increasing levels of torque within the engine, leading to higher pressures and temperatures. Castrol VECTON Long Drain 10W-30 CK-4 adapts to increased pressure and temperature with its strong shear stability and proven oxidation performance, which extends useful life of the oil for longer service intervals and higher productivity.

Oil drain intervals vary based on factors such as engine type, duty cycle and fuel burn. Extending drain intervals up to 70,000 miles are possible if done in conjunction with a comprehensive used oil analysis program like Castrol Labcheck and by consulting Castrol’s sales and field engineering experts.

User benefits include:

• Excels under high pressure: Engine combustion pressures are increasing, which puts increased pressure on key engine parts. Castrol VECTON Long Drain 10W-30 CK-4 is formulated to hold its viscosity under high shear contacts to extend oil life.
• Performs at high temperature: Engine oil is subjected to areas of very high temperature in modern engines, causing oxidation and oil thickening. Castrol VECTON Long Drain 10W-30 CK-4 is formulated to fight oxidation to extend oil life.

For more information, visit http://www.castrol.com/en_us/b2b/home/industry-expertise/heavy-commercial-vehicles.html

Pac-Mac Refuse & Recycling Side Arm Hopper

Pac-Mac Refuse & Recycling (a subsidiary of Hol-Mac Corporation in Bay Springs, MS) has recently introduced the Side Arm Hopper as an option on its KB-20 Knuckle boom Loader Product Line. The Side Arm Hopper is offered in two configurations: 1 cubic yard hopper (only) or a ½ cubic yard hopper with adjacent mounted cart tipper/handler.

The Side Arm Hopper assists in the pick-up of bulky, loose debris. Whether you need to maneuver large materials with Pac-Mac’s industry-leading knuckle boom or round up small items with the convenient, time-saving side hopper, Pac-Mac leads the way. The innovative, simple design and inconspicuous hopper storage beneath the body sets Pac-Mac’s side hopper apart from the competition. Worried about capacity? Don’t! The body capacity remains the same when used in combination with the side arm hopper. Another notable feature is that the side arm hopper can be used while the boom is in the stowed position—no need to re-position the boom. Look for them at the Waste Expo in New Orleans, LA: Booth #2501.

For more information, call (800) 844-3019, email branch.scott@hol-mac.com , visit http://www.e-pac-mac.com/

DumpsterGard Roll-Off Dumpster Lids

DumpsterGard (Sayre, PA), an American-made roll-off dumpster lid company, was formed in 2011 with a mission to provide a better cover to end users of 20, 30, and 40 yard waste dumpsters. By using DumpsterGard, you can expect to:

• Stay compliant with your state’s stormwater regulations by keeping rain and snow out
• Save money by keeping your waste dry and reducing tipping fees
• Improve security by keeping animals and unauthorized waste dumpers out

Additional features customers appreciate include:

• It is rugged, yet lightweight
• It is adjustable
• It does not require extra hardware installment on the dumpster
• It is made in the USA and can be shipped to Canada

And the best part: It works! Five years and more than 1,000 satisfied customers later, they’ve still got you covered.

For more information, call (888) 585-5581, visit http://www.dumpstergard.com/

Tarpomatic Inc.

Tarpomatic Inc. (Canton, OH), a division of JMW Companies, manufactures an automatic tarping machine designed for deployment and retrieval of alternate daily cover tarps over the active working face of landfills. Its unprecedented durable design makes it a perfect fit for rugged, daily use in any landfill environment. Tarpomatic’s machines have proven the test of time and extreme conditions for more than 20 years. Adjustable brackets make it easy to fit any dozer or compactor blade. The tarp deployment machine is outfitted with a 26 ½ horsepower Caterpillar tier 3 C1.1 engine that is second to none. Hydraulics are used to maneuver the frames position, as well as control the deployment spool. Each tarp spool has the capacity to hold up to 300' of tarps that can vary in widths of 20', 30', 40', or 50'. Tarpomatic is the only company that employs a removable arbor system, so only one machine is needed for even the largest of landfills. Multiple spools, loaded with tarps can be deployed in minutes. One operator can control the entire process using a hand held remote from inside their cab. Water resistant and flame resistant tarps are weighted with chain in pockets along each side and cable in each end and every 11' throughout its body. The crossing cables are attached to each end of the pocket to keep the tarp at its desired width. Tarpomatic also offers a deodorizer system, which is mounted on the frame with durable spray nozzles mounted on the full width of the tarp for complete coverage.

For more information, call (800) 500-5069, email tarpomatic.marlon@gmail.com , visit http://www.tarpomatic.com/

Pinnacle Compactors by Bakers Waste Equipment

Pinnacle Compactors by Bakers Waste Equipment (Lenoir, NC) continues its innovative approach in the marketplace by listening to customer concerns:

• Replacing casters on apartment receiver
• Property damage with roll out apartment receivers/front load containers
• Hard to push apartment receivers
• Odors keep going up our trash chutes
• Secure approach to the visual assurance of our apartment/container readiness

Their innovative Bakers Glide System not only extends time frames between caster replacement, but also reduces the potential of property damage from runaway containers and are easily moved to central area for the hauler to empty the apartment containers. The ease of operation with a braking system affords the operator safe and reliable placement of containers, even on a sloped grade.

Now with a safety sensor and visual approach ensuring the readiness of the operation of the S-100 and S-125 Apartment compactor/containers, Pinnacle by BWE has presented yet another innovative design that safely integrates key components and functionality to the standard operation.

Odors have become a problem of the past with the Pinnacle Odor Management System by Ecolo that literally destroys all odor molecules, without the potential harm of ozone generation. The customized system is fast becoming a well-recognized effective and safe approach to odor management.

For more information, call (800) 221-5153, email info@bwe-nc.com , visit http://bwe-nc.com/

OBG Leachate Services

As treatment requirements for leachates grow more stringent and offsite disposal costs continue to rise, it becomes increasingly valuable to have a trusted, single source provider to manage risk. OBG (Syracuse, NY) provides innovative, full-service leachate treatment solutions integrating new technology to meet regulatory requirements and minimizing risk through various project delivery models and long-term operational support. In response to client needs, incremental or full-service project delivery approaches can be tailored for any size project. OBG provides a range of technical services and customized leachate treatment strategies, including permitting, treatability testing, engineering design and turn-key design-build solutions, to provide the latest in advanced treatment technologies for the removal of contaminants, from sequencing batch reactors and membrane bioreactors to membrane filtration and nutrient removal.

OBG’s operations and maintenance (O&M) team has built a strong reputation by delivering high-quality services, starting up complex leachate treatment systems and solving complicated operational issues. OBG employs a reliable, unique approach to O&M projects that provides a structure for short- and long-term success. OBG provides qualified, experienced staff supported by an in-house operations technical support group, a full-service maintenance team, and OBG’s proprietary operations software—the Process Control Monitoring (PCM) system. OBG’s PCM system provides value through instantaneous remote access to all collected operational data, automated customized reporting and a secure repository for project operational, regulatory and safety documentation.

For more information, email info@obg.com , visit http://www.obg.com/

AMCS Group

AMCS Group (Ireland) is set to strengthen its leadership of innovation and technology enablement of the waste and recycling market with the launch of a new digital engagement platform at Waste Expo 2017. Evolving customer expectations and behaviors have given increased importance to convenience and mobility. AMCS has developed an integrated platform that enables operators to service customers through social media, digital assistants and connected devices. This platform enables operators to provide better customer service and build stronger customer relationships. Customers can contact their waste provider when, where and however suits them best. In turn, operators benefit from greatly reduced call center traffic and a streamlined, automated and lower cost communication channel.

The AMCS showcase at Waste Expo 2017 will demonstrate the use of digital assistants such as Amazon Echo to query a customer account and place orders. It will also demonstrate a range of connected IoT devices, including Amazon Dash buttons, to request on-demand service and place orders.

AMCS will also showcase the benefits of the digital engagement platform in hauling operations via the automation of subcontracting processes. The platform provides for an auction among a pool of approved subcontractors who will bid for the business. Once a subcontractor is selected, jobs can be electronically transferred with corresponding confirmations received back in real-time as the job is completed. With the introduction of this platform of new and emerging channels, AMCS is enabling waste and recycling operators to progress forward with new customer convenience and process efficiency.

For more information, email PR@amcsgroup.com , visit http://www.amcsgroup.com/us/

Genesis Attachments GDT 390 Razer

Genesis Attachments (Superior, WI) announces its new GDT 390 Razer demolition tool, expanding the product family to three models to meet any project need. The GDT 390, the largest of the Razer trio, features a 46-inch jaw opening and 45-inch jaw depth for processing thick concrete and rebar. With a 10.5-foot reach, it fits 90,000-pound standard and high-reach excavators.

Like the GDT 190 and 290, the GDT 390 features a lighter-weight design and a short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket for easy installation and switching the tool between excavators.The number of crushing teeth and their locations can be customized to meet project needs, and the easy-to-install, bolt-on teeth can be interchanged and reversed front to back for longer life and lower cost of operation and ownership.
The four-way indexable metal cutting blades in the back of the jaw feature an apex design that draws material deeper into the jaw for more efficient cutting, and to further improve productivity and reliability, the pass-through lower jaw prevents material build-up and jamming.

For more information, call (715) 395-5252, email genesismarketing@genesisattachments.com , visit http://genesisattachments.com/

Mack Trucks Super Econodyne® Direct

Mack Trucks (Greensboro, NC) introduces Super Econodyne® Direct, a new fuel-saving option that combines Mack’s Super Econodyne concept with a direct drive version of the Mack® mDRIVE™ automated manual transmission (AMT) to boost fuel efficiency by up to 1 percent. Mack made the announcement at the 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY. Mack’s Super Econodyne rating was previously only available with the overdrive version of the mDRIVE, but the recent release of numerically lower rear axle ratios allows Mack to use the direct drive variant. The result is up to 1 percent better fuel efficiency on top of the 3 percent Super Econodyne already delivered on its own.

Despite a numerically higher top gear ratio, the direct drive mDRIVE is inherently more fuel efficient thanks to reduced parasitic losses. This is due to the fact that torque is not transmitted to the direct drive mDRIVE’s countershaft while in top gear. Instead, the transmission’s input and output shafts are essentially locked together. Super Econodyne Direct is best suited for applications of 80,000 lbs. GCW or less where drivers remain in top gear for a large percentage of time. It also works best on mostly flat terrain and when drivers remain mostly in constant speed.

Mack’s Super Econodyne rating fully integrates Mack MP® engines and the Mack mDRIVE to deliver significant fuel savings. The integrated powertrain enables lower engine cruise RPM to save fuel, without impacting power or performance. Super Econodyne-rated Mack engines cruise at approximately 1,150 rpm, a reduction of 200 to 300 rpm from a typical highway cruise rpm, which results in up to 3 percent improved fuel efficiency. Super Econodyne ratings are available with both the 11-liter Mack MP7 and 13-liter Mack MP8 engines.

For more information, visit http://www.macktrucks.com/

Brokk® MC200 Multi Cutter

Brokk® (Monroe, WA), a leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, offers the MC200 Multi Cutter to expand smaller Brokk models’ versatility for contractors in steel cutting applications. The one-of-a-kind steel cutting attachment, manufactured by Brokk’s sister company, Darda®, offers a high power-to-weight ratio and sleek, compact design. The attachment addresses a need for a lightweight, economical steel cutting tool. It promotes safe and efficient steel material cutting in a variety of industries, including recycling, demolition, nuclear, process, food and construction.

The 10-by-13-inch (25-by-33 centimeter) Multi Cutter is 40 inches (102 centimeters) long and can be used on machines weighing 2,650 to 6,170 pounds (1.2 to 2.8 metric tons), including the Brokk 100, 120 D and 160 models. It brings flexibility to the jobsite with its slim profile, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, such as building interiors where Brokk machines excel due to their electric operation and compact size. The attachment also features a hydraulic 360-degree rotary drive for exact positioning and an 8-inch-wide (200 millimeter) jaw opening, able to handle a variety of metals. It weighs only 265 pounds (130 kilograms), yet uses a hydraulic booster to exert 50 tons of cutting force at 3,900 psi (270 bars) to easily cut through steel. To reduce costs to the end user, Darda also designed the MC200 Multi Cutter so operators can sharpen the jaws rather than replace them.

The MC200 Multi Cutter, combined with the smaller Brokk machines’ remote capabilities and arms that extend as far as 16 feet (5 meters), allows contractors to easily cut beams, cable, supply lines and steel pipes in hard-to-reach areas. This improves efficiency and minimizes labor costs. The attachment, paired with a Brokk machine, reduces the risk of injury to laborers by eliminating the need to climb scaffolds and ladders with handheld tools. The Multi Cutter also alleviates the risk of injury from open-flame torches, which are a common but dangerous method for cutting steel. This traditional approach can also create fire hazards and increase the risk of exposure to harmful emissions.

For more information, call (800) 621-7856, email info@brokkinc.com , visit http://www.brokk.com/