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Over the past seven years, DJ Products’ (Little Falls, MN) WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover has changed the way multifamily and commercial properties safely move and relocate their waste bins for collection. They are pleased to have successfully impacted thousands of properties, increasing safety for employees moving heavy waste and recycling bins to the curbside for pick up. The WasteCaddy helps employees eliminate potential pains, strains, and workers compensation claims often associated with manually moving heavy bins. DJ Products announces the new RollOffCaddy Waste Container Mover to the WasteCaddy product line. The RollOffCaddy is a battery-powered unit that can push and pull up to 50,000 lbs. and can lift up to 15,000 lbs. The unit safely attaches and lifts one end of a roll off container or self-contained compactor and safely moves it to the appropriate collection area. The site is located at 1100 15th Street in Washington DC. The hauler originally planned to place the compactor on an elevated platform and pull the unit on and off trucks using winches, due to a low ceiling height. However, as maneuvering a truck longer than 32' on a 45-degree angle into the narrow alley was not possible, it was determined that the compactor would need to be relocated to the alley sitting parallel to it, allowing truck access to load and unload the self-contained compactor. With the RollOffCaddy, staff were able to hook up to the compactor inside the building, pull the compactor outside making a 45-degree turn, and place it in the accessible location for the refuse truck to pick up. By towing the compactor out into the alley into open air space, there are no hoisting height restrictions and the hauler could use standard roll-off trucks to service the compactor. The 22' drive aisle was no longer an issue because the roll-off truck would remain parallel with the alley and loading door. The RollOffCaddy Waste Container Mover maximized waste storage capacity and accommodated hauling by standard sized trucks common to most hauling fleets. Additionally, the RollOffCaddy eliminated the need to place the compactor up on a loading dock to be serviced in low ceiling height conditions. Loading of the compactor with waste materials can now be achieved at ground level. For more information, call (800) 686-2651, e-mail info@djproducts.com or visit www.djproducts.com.

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