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In the Spotlight: Balcones Resources: Building on Success and Longevity
Transforming from paper recyclers to a full-service environmental company, Balcones Resources works with their customers to reach zero waste goals, educate employees, achieve LEED certification and take the first steps towards a new recycling program.

Trucks: Electric Fans Gain Traction in Engine Cooling
A field comparison of traditional mechanical fans to new electric fan technology.

Containers: Rethinking Plastic FELs
Having a thorough understanding of how and where the equipment will be used is central in determining whether steel or plastic FELs and dumpsters are right for you.
Pedrito Gella

Leasing/Financing: How Truck Rentals Can Bolster Growth and Opportunity
The rental of refuse trucks continues to grow for many reasons beyond crisis management. Whether it is leveraging rentals for growth or consistency and reduction in maintenance costs, it can be a smart way to best manage your fleet.
Zach Martin

Industry Trends: Cannabis, Waste and Cash: Revenue, Investment and M&A Opportunities from the Imminent Accelerated Growth of the Marijuana Industry
In the cultivation and processing of marijuana and hemp, the industry confronts environmental questions including how to make packaging recyclable, reduce water and electricity consumption, and, in some cases, safe disposal of hazardous chemicals used in processing.
Pauli Overdorff

Organic Recycling: Food Waste Collection and Recycling Provides Haulers with New Destinations for Organics and Financial Benefits
A farm powered solution offers hauler partners new destinations for organic waste with easy truck access, lower tipping fees and the ability to attract new customers. All this while helping to sustain a local farmer and protecting the environment.
John B. Hanselman

Telematics: Telematics and Collision Avoidance Systems: Better Together
Through a combination of telematics and collision avoidance, fleet managers can gather and easily understand important data while protecting their drivers and fleet.

Facilities Planning and Design: Minimizing Impacts from Transfer Stations and MRF Operations
As a waste facility, what can be done to be a good neighbor within the community you serve?
Evan Williams

Composting: Making the Transition from Wood Waste Recycling to Composting: What You Need to Know
Before making the jump into composting, there are several other factors for which to consider and plan. Evaluate potential customers for your products, obtain proper permits, establish an efficient composting process and determine what equipment you will need to help make your operation run smoothly.
Matt Eul

Truck Equipment: Hooklifts for Waste Haulers
When used in waste hauling applications, hydraulic hooklift-equipped trucks with interchangeable roll-on/roll-off containers can offer significant benefits.
Andy Jansma

Tires: Tire Evaluations: Test to Get the Best
Most fleets do not have the capability or bandwidth to conduct exhaustive testing, however, you can still do a valid evaluation and get results that give you confidence in what to expect from selected tire brands.
Phillip Mosier

Engines: The Problems with EGRs, DPFs and SCRs
Prevent the headache of DPFs, regenerations, parts replacements and repairs, and costly downtime by implementing the right additive to alleviate many of your EGR, DPF and SCR problems.
Alec Taylor

Facilities Planning and Design: The Importance of a Site-Specific Review for Fabric Structures
A site evaluation ensures that the appropriate parameters are used for the analysis of the structure. The configuration of the building is thereby validated, or changes are made to ensure the structure has the requisite reliability for the site.
Allan Ball

Composting Case Study: A 30-Year Partnership
For more than 30 years, the City of Beatrice, NE has used Brown Bear Corporation’s Windrow Aerator to help grow and efficiently run their operation.

Leachates Case Study
Reining in the Long-Term Care of an Old Landfill: A Sustainable Case Study at a Forest Preserve
The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, IL took a comprehensive approach to operating a closed landfill, which provided incentive for innovative, sustainable solutions geared toward their mission of preserving and restoring natural spaces. Their solution for leachate management even included planting thousands of trees. The site’s improvements provide a safe and natural neighborand habitat for wildlife for years to come..
Eric Wiediger

Maintenance: Giving Technicians All the Tools of the Trade
Compensated training, salary/benefits and shop accessories must be considered when it comes recruiting and retaining invaluable techs. The need is not going away, so companies must adjust to stay ahead of the competition.

Safety Brief: Headlight Safety: Let There Be Light
Broken or cloudy headlights reduce driver visibility and may limit the ability of other drivers from seeing you. During pre-trip and post-trip inspections, drivers should examine headlights to ensure that they are working and providing adequate light. Cloudy and damaged headlights should be repaired, restored or replaced as needed.

From the Experts: The Importance of Community Outreach and Public Education
The great benefit of being actively involved is that you can control your own destiny. You do not need others to speak for you, you can do it in a professional manner and achieve the outcome for the greater good of the people you serve day in and day out.

Marketing Strategies: Burritos and Branding: Communication Leads to Differentiation
The value of your brand stems from the quality of your communication. All of the branding your customers experience—from the way you talk to them to the way your website looks—says something about your company.

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