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In the Spotlight: Allegiant Stadium: Building a Robust Sustainability Program
The ultimate goal in developing the sustainability program at Allegiant Stadium is to be good stewards of the community, conserve resources, champion efforts that result in great impact, and empower staff to take ownership of eco-efforts. They do so by finding ways to reduce water and energy usage, divert material from landfill, purchase green centered products when possible, and educate staff on the importance of these practices. Read now>

Facilities Planning and Design
Managing MRF Design, Construction, and Operations Amid Inflation and Labor Shortages
There is no easy way to avoid economic pressures, hiring and retention challenges, or supply chain issues. However, with a good plan and strong partners, today’s MRF operators can mitigate these pressures and optimize the construction and performance of the plant.
Jeff Eriks and Mike Huycke  Read Now>

Security Risk Issues
Cyber Liability: The Threat is Just one Click Away
Technology is progressing at extremely rapid rates. The best solution for companies to take is having a dedicated IT team and providing regular and constant training to employees so they know what to look for.
Nathan Brainard  Read Now>

Current Trends: A Chat with David Biderman, Executive Director and CEO of SWANA
Giving his insights on what is going on with recycling, PFAS, recruiting, and more, David Biderman believes that while the industry is on an important path, we should also look toward developing the next generation of waste and recycling industry professionals. Read Now>

Financing: Getting Your Financial House in Order
Many companies are busy operating and often do not have, or take, the time to conduct a review of expenses. However, a yearly review can be quite helpful to the bottom line.
Julie Murphy Read Now>

Personnel: 5 Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining a MRF Workforce: 2022 Edition
The recycling industry can compete for and win quality talent in 2022 when it offers a career path, provides, and nurtures opportunities for non-traditional job seekers, and hires top talent at all levels of the organization. Read Now>

Fire Mitigation: Leading the Change from ‘Water, Water, Water’ to Early Detection And Active Response
As you are making your operational plans for 2022, it is important to implement fire prevention and reduction best practices and to invest in technologies and solutions that are going to keep your employees safe and your operations running more efficiently.
Ryan Fogelman, J.D., MBA Read Now>

Software: Making the Case for a Smart Fleet Management System
How to champion sustainable change in your waste management organization.
Don Diego Padilla II Read Now>

Compliance and Regulations: Streamline Your Safety and Compliance Program by Going Digital
In today’s safety culture, everyone wears more than one hat. With an online compliance system, clients gain access to analytics that help them pinpoint high risk areas in their daily operations, which enable them to be more proactive, rather than reactive, with their safety. Read Now>

Trucks: Predicting the Long Game for Class 8 Trucks:
Vocational Truck Manufacturers Answer the Call for Alternative Fuels
Trying to predict what is ahead for the severe-duty trucking industry compares to looking into that Magic 8 Ball. Yet, we can be confident that severe-duty trucks will continue doing the dirty jobs, albeit a little bit cleaner, using alternative fuels.
Tim Thornton Read Now>

5 Reasons to Add a Compact Articulated Loader to Your Composting Facility’s Operation
A new class of loaders can enhance compost producers’ efficiencies.
Ted Dirkx Read Now>

Insurance Issues: Risk Financing 101
Now is the ideal time to be proactive with your options while adopting a mindset of managing and financing risk versus buying insurance. Between the low risk, low reward option of first dollar guaranteed cost insurance and the high risk, high reward concept of self-insurance, lies several programs that may work for your operation.
Lauren Fronczek Read Now>

PFAS Management: Second of Two Parts: Evaluating PFAS Solutions
There is no magic bullet in PFAS, but a well-designed system will provide clean water for years to come.
Phil Farina Read Now>

High Oil and Gas Prices? Tips to Save Money, Time and Increase the Life of Your Equipment
Plant-based and environmentally safe products are helping customers more efficiently operate their industrial machines, heavy and long-haul trucks, cars and other vehicles by using less fuel resulting in fewer emissions that help customers have longer-lasting equipment—and most importantly, save money in maintenance costs, energy usage, and reducing equipment downtime while lessening the footprint we leave on the planet.
Rand Taylor Read Now>

What does Environmental, Social, Government and Urban Growth Mean for Waste Operators?
As residential areas encroach and the spectre of land conflicts arise, waste management operators are building trust and renewing their social license to operate.
Alex Zamudio Read Now>

Industry Game Changers: Waste & Recycling Workers Week
Created in 2012 and formerly known as National Garbage Man’s Day, Waste & Recycling Workers Week has become a force in the industry, focusing on recognizing the men and women who are on the front-line every day. Steve Goode, Executive Director, talks about its history, initiatives and the importance of this great organization. Read Now>

Inventory Management: Empowering Your Supplies
Choosing the inventory management best suited to your culture.
David Miller Read Now>

Safety Brief
Onboarding with Safety
Every day across North America, there are new employees who are starting new jobs as waste collectors or laborers at landfills, transfer stations, and recycling centers. Most of these workers are unaware that the waste and recycling industry is one of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S. Proper safety training is necessary for these new employees before they head into the field.
Will Flower Read Now>

The Importance of Horizontal Grinder Preventative Maintenance
Paying attention to preventative maintenance should start even before you purchase your horizontal grinder. Read Now>

HHW Corner
Local Benefits of Extended Producer Responsibility
Paint recycling has become a burgeoning activity benefiting many local HHW programs and small businesses, relying on paint recyclers and PaintCare. Recycling paint through a local paint recycling business, or by developing a local HHW program paint recycling program has proven to save local operating costs and be a benefit to the community financially and environmentally.
David Nightingale, CHMM, S.C. Read Now>